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Maskne : Is a thing !

If your breakouts have gotten worse since wearing your mask, here’s why. “Wearing a mask can lead to acne mechanica” re.Celebrity aesthetician Renee’ Rouleau. Unlike regular breakouts, which tend to be hormonally driven, acne mechanica is caused by friction. When something is rubbing up against your skin, the combination of friction, heat, and pressure can be a trigger.

When wearing your mask germs and bacteria, hours of humidity, sweat, oil and ecoflora from the mouth can collect under the mask and cause acne. To help here is a checklist I found based on Dr. Marmur a board certified Dermatologist.

  1. Use Toner: Wipe an anti-bacterial toner over the affected area once or twice a day. Look for ingredients like lactic acid, tea tree oil, “Which is often my go to”, or manuka leaf extract.

  2. Swipe on Salicylic Acid: Work a serum with salicylic acid into your routine two or three nights a week. It cuts through oil and gets into your pore lining to unclog.

  3. Wear less Makeup: The more product that is sitting on top of your skin, the more prone you will be to breakouts. I find myself , less is more. If anything play up your eye makeup as that is what is most often seen.

  4. Swap your Sunscreen: To keep skin clear opt for a mineral sunscreen powder or cream based sunscreen. I myself like to use Glo SPF 30 or 40 , its light weight and won’t clog pores.

  5. Wash your Gear: If you are wearing a reusable cloth mask, I recommend washing it daily, especially if you are wearing it all day long, Not only is this good hygiene but it will also prevent oil and dirt from being reintroduced to the skin.

  6. Keep your Skin Clean : I recommend cleansing both morning and night. Your skin will feel much fresher as well.

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