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How to use Lavender Essential Oil to Relax:

Lavender is an essential oil known as the balancing oil . The oil can be used to diffuse in the air with an air diffuser or blended with a carrier oil or lotion.

I personally have been a Nationally Certified Aromatherapist since 2006, I offer personal consultations to people to help them heal. They may have trouble sleeping , they may have skin conditions, it could be something going on emotionally related or some type of disease.

Personalized blends are based on those needs, which I decipher from our consultation.

Lavender specifically has many healing aspects to it. The oil is an all balancing oil, relaxing, helping with anxiety, burns, healing scar tissue from an injury. There are different types of Lavender , which offer different healing benefits. I use quality oils from Distillers who do GCMS testing to test the authenticity of the oil, to make sure there are no artificial chemicals added to the oil, I want to make sure any essential oils I use are as pure as possible to get the best healing therapeutic results! Many people purchase oils and have no idea of the chemical makeup of the oils and what they do. They also don't have the knowledge to know what are the safe amounts to use while blending. Even natural products we can have toxicity if we use too much, sometimes too much is Not a good thing. Many of my clients love doing a relaxing massage with Lavender possibly even using Lavender in a scrub, which can help with dry skin. Leaving you with smooth soft skin afterwards!

For those with Sunburn over the Summer month's especially I like to mix Lavender oil with natural Aloe to soothe, reducing pain and redness. It helps extremely well !

Looking for a consultation or want to learn more? Please contact me directly :

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