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Diet & Acne

Every day we are discovering more about nutrition and the key role it plays in our skin's health.

Our skin is a direct reflection of our dietary choices, lifestyle habits and imbalances, as well as the skin care we are using daily. Especially having to wear masks now, most of us daily and for hours at a time, it is not only important to be cleansing morning and night. You also need to make sure you are using the right products. I use the New Groove Hemp Farm House Fresh Cleanser you can purchase through me with curbside pickup if you would like. I will mention how to go about that later in the article.


By definition hormones are "chemical messengers that travel throughout the body coordinating complex processes like growth, metabolism and fertility. The can influence the function of the immune system, and even alter behavior. Dihydrotestosterone "DHT" it is known as is a potentially negative type of Androgen or Testosterone like hormone. with links to hair loss in men and women, as well as acne. DHT can increase sebum production and inflammation in the skin, leading to the creation of a blocked follicle which becomes a low oxygen breeding ground for P.acnes bacteria. Once again a lot of the problem rather than the root as many dermatologists recommend antibiotics as a primary treatment to treat acne. This only wipes out the bacteria that can create breakouts, rather than treating the potential root cause, DHT.

Their are natural ways that we can block DHT, topically and internally. A number of plants are DHT Blockers, Dairy is often the missing link in solving this issue, this is one of the causes I mention to clients is to be aware of how much Dairy you are intaking.

Sugar is another one to watch out for when it comes to glycation and aging. Sugar can also be another cause of breakouts. Sugar also increase the insulin factor "IFG-1" Which is also a hormone that has been linked to acne and other diseases.

Inflammatory Foods:

Gut inflammation can lead to malabsorption of nutrients and a nutrient deficiency. Addressing gut inflammation in a way is easy. Eliminate inflammatory foods. Inflammatory foods can include dairy, as well as other animal proteins ( red meat, chicken, turkey and pork. )

Another group of inflammatory foods are processed food and sugars, as well as food allergens, such as gluten and dairy.

Dairy: Casein is one of the primary proteins found in all animal sources of dairy and a specific type of casein, alpha s1 casein, has been identified as a major allergen. Although both goat's milk and sheep's milk contain a similar type of casein there is anecdotal evidence that replacing cow's milk and their byproducts with goat or sheep's milk in the diet is hypoallergenic option, with marked improvement in eczema, digestive disorders, asthma as well as other inflammatory conditions.

Probiotics and Probiotics:

Probiotics are healthy types of bacteria that can be used externally to help bring back balance to the microbiome on our skin as well as taken internally to bring back balance to the skin. Many choices in our internal diet can affect the delicate balance of this healthy bacteria. Pesticides and antibiotics can destroy this delicate balance. That is why I try and stick with natural brands of products for the skin like Farm House Fresh and also try and stay away from Processed foods, which there are a lot of out there. Probiotics regulate the immune system, an important part of how the skin deals with potential bacterial infections and the body's overall skin defense. Probiotics play a role in our overall nutrient absorption, energy metabolism, immunity and intestinal barrier function. Without a dense and vast variation of probiotic cultures in our digestive tract , we can't absorb the nutrients needed from the food we eat. We also can't fight infection, control inflammation or regulate our response to food allergens.

Please contact me directly via or 315-466-8219 You can text this number if interested in scheduling a consultation or curbside pickup with recommendations on skin care products.

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