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10 Easy to Recommend Skin Care Items No Woman should be without !

#1 Cleanser : Going to bed wearing the day's makeup guarantees more rapid skin aging and breakouts. Every woman needs a skin - specific cleanser that is effective and gentle.

#2 Concealer : Go two shades lighter and apply the product around the eyes, you can also use to highlight or even out your skin tone.

#3 Hand cream : One area that often shows aging and we don't even realize is our hands.

It is important to moisturizer as dryness can often also can make our hands look older.

#4 Lip Pencil : Choose a natural shade only slightly darker than the natural lip color. Lip pencils balance lip shape and color.

#5 Lipstick or Lip Gloss : I love using Lip Gloss to make your lips look fresh and if you want to give a pop of color you can lightly put some Lipstick underneath the gloss.

#6 Mascara : The brand I love and use is Blinc, I also carry it in my spa. This mascara will last all day long and won't smear. It also really makes your eye lashes pop !

#7 Moisturizer : Select a moisturizer specific to your skin care needs. Often times in Summer we will need a lighter weight moisturizer, also better for if your skin is Oily. Heavier if your skin is Drier.

#8 Sunscreen: Some Brands I love are, Glo for your face, they have tinted or untinted. An all natural brand for the body, Sun Bum or Coola. You can purchase Coola brand on my online site :

You can select shop and select what products or brands you would like to shop.


#9 Tanners & Bronzers : Promote a safe way to get a tan through cream . Most of the professional tanning creams and bronzers offer a nice Glo without the Orange look .

#10 Drink water : as a rule of thumb we should be drinking half our body weight in ounces. Staying hydrated is important especially in the warmer months.

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