Massages & Body Treatments

Body Wrap or Body Salt & Sugar Scrubs
60 Min. Starts at $110. & 90 Min. Starts at $140.
Swedish Massage : 60 Min. & 90 Min. 
Therapeutic massage for the muscles and joints using kneading, stroking, friction, tapping and vibration.
La Stone : 90 Min. 
Spiritual and metaphysical massage that uses both hot Basalt Stones and chilled Marble to massage the body. Good for increasing circulation and helping with inflammation.
Lomi lomi "Hawaiian" Massage : 60 Min. & 90 Min. 
Rhythmical Hawaiian massage that uses thumbs, palms, elbows and forearms to loosen tissues and reduce tension, deep but relaxing massage. 
Pregnancy Massage : 60 Min. & 90 Min. 
Swedish massage administered to a pregnant woman as she rests on her side.
"Not recommended during the first trimester"
Hot Stone Massage : 60 Min.  & 90 Min. 
A technique that uses heated basalt stones to massage the body.
Helps reduce tension and increases circulation.
Thai Poultice Massage : 60 Min. & 90 Min. 
Good for those with poor circulation and stiffness. This full body massage uses a traditional Thai poultice to relieve tired and aching muscles by gently rolling a steamed muslin pouch filled with a variety of Thai herbs. Then you will receive your massage with an herbal and essential oil blend.
Massage Add-Ons:
Customized Aromatherapy blend $10. per Hour
Deep Tissue $10 per Hour
Sugar or Salt scrubs $25. per 1/2 Hour
Pre-Paid Swedish Massage Package:
3 - 60 Minute Sessions $180.

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