Charlene B. Dahl - Ames

Charlene has over 15 years experience in the Spa Industry.

She is a NYS & Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapist,

National Certified Aromatherapist & Educator, Licensed Esthetician.

She is Certified in La Stone, Hawaiian Lomi lomi, Pregnancy,

Deep Tissue, Plantar Fasciitis, Scoliosis , Thai Poultice Massage,

Face Lift Massage &  Cupping.

Body Treatments & Body Scrubs. She has treated a variety of different types of people from Marathon Runners, Chronic pain and injury related symptoms to relaxing spa treatments. 

Aromatherapy Services include making blends for specific emotional or physical symptoms incorporating them into a massage or for use externally for self treatment. 

She believes it is important to educate her clients and address each person's needs individually. She believes health and wellness is an ongoing process.

It is just as important to use massage, aromatherapy, facials and natural or organic products for preventative maintenance. Instead of just treating illness and disease after the fact. Taking care of oneself  is not a luxury it is a path to keeping oneself in a healthier

place in mind body and soul.

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